Rural Area Partnership in Derry
The Rural Area Partnership in Derry consists of representatives from community organisations, statutory authorities, the private sector and special interest groups and its primary objective is: To halt the social and economic decline of the rural communities within the Derry City Council Area and to enable these communities in partnership with all interested parties to devise locally led strategies to facilitate sustainable social, economic and cultural development.
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Programmes 2015

Rural Micro Capital Grant Programme 2015 which has been developed to provide rural, community-led, voluntary organisations with the opportunity to avail of financial assistance towards the purchase of equipment or completion of minor capital works (e.g. to improve community premises) that can contribute to alleviating poverty and / or social isolation.

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RAPID have extensive experience of working with the rural community and have specific experience of working with farming groups, community organisations, private sector and statutory agencies.

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RAPID have extensive experience in the management and administration of funded programmes e.g. delivered LEADER+ and other EU Programmes.

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Current Projects

RAPID Community Network

The RAPID community Network online is funded by the PEACE III project and aims to provide a virtual space where rural dwellers in the rural Derry City Council area can interact online and where they can learn about other community cultures while promoting their own communities.

The six communities involved in The PEACE III project also wanted to create a space within the website where they could promote their communities during the  'City of Culture 2013' programme.

The network is made up of six main community organisations:

  • Claudy Rural Development

  • Learmount Community Development Group

  • Lettershandoney Community Development Group

  • Eglinton Community Ltd

  • Newbuildings Community Association

  • Strathfoyle Community Association

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The Healthy Ageing Network in Derry (HAND) project aims toprovide a sustainable service for the elderly within the Derry City Councilrural area by creating a viable and sustainable social economy cluster.  The money generated through the socialenterprises will fund services for older people that will promote betterhealth, improved well-being and provide greater support, contributing towardsindependent and active lifestyles. This project will target those older peoplewho currently do not engage with the services that are provided locally,especially the more physically and mentally active older people who have justretired and are finding this transition period quite difficult.  The manager at RAPID, Philip O’Kane believesthat “older people represent a reservoir of untappedtalent that can be mobilised to support the rural social enterprises asevidence indicates that older people are often better able to make a success ofsuch a business due to their experience and skill base. There is every reasontherefore to believe that having older people take up key roles in themanagement of this cluster would result in positive repercussions for thesocial capital of their community.  Thispoint was reiterated by North West Marketing during the development of theproject’s business case.”


Due to their knowledge and experience,wherever possible, older people will also be recruited as project volunteersfor the social economy cluster, meaning that the project beneficiaries willalso be heavily involved in the day to day running of the social enterprises.  This will give the older people residing inDerry~Londonderry’s rural areas the opportunity to play a meaningful rolewithin their community, utilise their skills, and socialise within anenvironment which is mentally and physically stimulating. The project is alsogoing to benefit the less physically active older people of ruralDerry~Londonderry who are unable to volunteer within the social economybusinesses, the programme of activities funded through the businesses willprovide equal opportunities for mental, physical and social stimulation in amore appropriate environment. 


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